Here are some top cases, organized by Tiziana Guerriero and her staff at J&TI Events over the past few years.

Amazon Event – Como Lake – Meetings & Incentives

We have big news!

We have recently become a preferred supplier of one of the best global online retail companies for which we have also organized an elite event in the special town of Como!

Our exclusive clients have combined mornings of meetings in a very luxurious location, with unique activities.  They have enjoyed a private tour through the backstage of the famous Como Theater. Moreover, a nice aperitif was offered on board of a luxurious boat which crossed the Como Lake! As a last activity, our special guests, have enjoyed a fancy dinner, and tasted typical local food, in one of the most beautiful restaurants in Como!

We are very proud of our staff, hard work always pays off!

Rafting Event – Umbria – 90 pax – Incentives

This Event took place in the region of Umbria, the “green heart” of Italy, due to it’s marvellous landscapes!

Our 93 beautiful women from Pelikaan Reizen started off their experience strong! Firstly, they have enjoyed an exclusive pool party in a very luxurious venue, followed, the next day, by a wine tasting activity in one of the most beautiful wine cellars of the region.

After the success of the above-mentioned experiences, our special clients were enthusiastic to participate in a fun and thrilling afternoon in Umbria’s most popular waterfalls. They went rafting and immersed themselves in the spectacular nature of “Le Marmore“, accompanied by our experts in the field!

What an experience!

GoodYear Blimp – Milan – Incentives

The Good Year Blimp Event 2021, was finally back in the Italian skies, after a long 12-year absence and J&TI Events was, proudly, a partner of Koba Group involved in the organization of this incentive.

Not every event is always that smooth, therefore, one needs to be ready for each inconvenience. In fact, the management of the event’s set-up was, indeed, more challenging than usual due to the fact that we had to move locations and re-schedule everything on the spot as the weather conditions where not ideal, causing the blimps’ arrival to be postponed.

Despite these obstacles, we were able to guarantee our clients’ participation in all programmed activties, like the super cool aperitif on the rooftop of one of the most beautiful skyscrapers in Milan, and the glamour dinner on the Navigli.

Finally, we also made sure that the event was Covid-approved, hence why we checked all green passes and provided swabs to all those who did not have it. These were all tasks which, together with transfers and over-night stays, were our main competency area.

It was a real rollercoaster mix of emotions, happenings and decisions & we are glad to say that the results turned out amazing!

Medical sector – Dolomites – 18 people – Meetings & Incentives

During September 2020, we finally hosted our first Post-CoVid Meeting combined with an Incentive program: an open-air focused event in the Italian Dolomites.

In one of most stunning landscape in Italy, our guests combined sports activities together with educational trips. They were a group of 18 Dutch doctors and all were also amazing amateur cyclists. During their stay, the group enjoyed the cozy atmosphere of professional meetings held in a hotel in the Alps, charcaterized by its typical mountain-style, and the possibility to detach body and mind from the daily routine by cycling through breathtaking routes surrounded by nature!

Lastly, we also hosted the farewell dinner in a magical location: a castle hidden between mountain peaks.

It was a sensational experience!

Medical sector – Puglia – 224 people – Meetings & Incentives

Another back-to-back event! This time we travelled to Puglia for both events.

During these incentives, we found the right balance between business and leisure: workshops and meetings in the morning and activities to explore Pulglia in the afternoon! During these trips, especially for our clients, we found the perfect meeting locations that also had a relaxed atmosphere to escape from the work vibe.

We organized tge dinners at unique and beautiful locations, and we also planned a bike experience through Alberobello with a wine stop and an amazing view over the village.

To end our time together in style, we hosted a gala dinner at a magical location!

Oil company – Naples – 320 people – Incentive

Throughout the month of May and during the beginning of June, we organized our biggest event yet for our client, X-perience!

During our time together, we had four separate groups, that consisted each of 80 people. During every week, we visited the streets of Naples for a street food tour, we drove through the beautiful Amalfi coast where we also arranged an exclusive mini-cruise, we learned about the history of Pompei and ended with a excursions to the island of Capri.

During this experience we arranged dinners at unique locations and luxury transportation from one place to another. Each week was a great experience and we were able to end each one of it with a lot of new amazing memories and friends!

King’s Day Netherlands Ambassador Event – Rome – Sponsorship

This year, we are excited to announce our sponsorship for the official Kings Day event at the Dutch Embassy in Rome on April 30th.

For this event, it was important that we brought a piece of The Netherlands to Rome. At the event, we set up a Polaroid photo-booth with a beautiful background of Rome, that also included a Dutch bicycle with a basket of tulips to intertwine the two cultures. On the way out, we handed out the widely loved and traditional stroopwafel biscuits so the guests were able to take a piece of The Netherlands home.

Insurance – Tuscany – 500 people – Convention

After a weekend in Tuscany, J&TI Events worked tirelessly to put together another successful convention for Assicurazione Bene. The convention took place at Pian Dei Mucini in Massa Marittimi, and hosted over 500 people, all ranging from employees, to managers, and family members. For this event, we managed the bookings, reservations, catering, and professional and recreational activities to make sure that everyone attending was enjoying their time. With limited time for planning and an extensive size to work with, J&TI went home happy to have completed another successful event.

Automotive – World Ducati Week 2018 – Misano – 500 people – Booking Reservation & Management

For the 20th anniversary of the World Ducati Week that took place during July 2018, J&TI participated through Active International as staff members for the event. We played a crucial role for booking and reservation management for multiple Ducati teams from around the world. At the end, the event saw over 96,600 Ducati enthusiasts fill up the Misane World Circuit Marco Simoncelli for the WDW 2018 “Race of Champions.” During our weekend there, we kept ourselves very busy with last minute requests, but thanks to our efficient problem solving staff members, it was a success!

Financial company – Bilbao – 95 people – Incentive

For Cubus Nederland we organized a weekend incentive to Bilbao, Spain for 95 people.

During this incentive we organized a meeting with the major of Bilbao so the attendees were able to better understand the changes the city has made, and what they are planning to change for the future. For dinner, we arranged for a tapas at a local restaurant that also included an open-forum discussion for locals and the attendees to share their thoughts and ideas on the prior meeting.

For J&TI Events the highlight was the Gala Dinner inside the Guggenheim on the second day. The excellent food, lights and music made the night! This incentive was an excellent example of how we can combine traditional culture and modern society.

Albourne – Rome – 300 people – Team Building & Logistics

Albourne is a world’s leading provider of independent high-quality research and advice on assets. In August of 2016, J&TI assisted them during their 5-day event in Rome. Their time in Rome consisted of incentives and team-building activities with a group of 300 people.

Besides providing them with transfers from their hotel to each different locations in and outside Rome, we also offered them unique and exclusive social program with activities such as creating a free-climbing wall, a table football tournament and a pottery making workshop.

All team building activities took place on the amazing Ancient Rome film set in Cinecittà.

Software company – Rome – 500 people – Logistics & Social Program

For the EMEA partner road tour of Redhat, we helped organize all logistic services. This included a branded festive evening with a dinner, drinks, presentations and musical entertainment. Over 500 people attended.

CSR Team Building

Besides organizing your business meetings and events, we can also help with social activities. During one of the team building activities for 80 people, our clients worked together with a group of children from disadvantaged neighborhoods to help provide a safer community and build stronger relationships. A satisfaction for both parties.