Virtual Meeting

Do you have to organize your next smart event but don’t want it to be a “simple” web-chat but a real meeting instead with different speakers participation, work sessions and above all including some funny leisure time ?

We are ready to present you our proposals to create a digital meeting which is engaging, creative and communicative.

Digital Fair

How to set up your annual exhibition’s stand?

Turn it into a digital space!
J&TI  will help you setting it up down to the smallest detail: from preparation to communication.
For many companies the fairs are the crucial moment to show their products to customer. If participating live is impossible but your company has already set a series of events in its communication plan, the “Digital Fair” project is the perfect solution for your business.

Why choose J&TI Events?

J&TI Events is innovative, creative and constantly evolving

J&TI Events offers its advice, collaboration and professionalism to build on and offline events

J&TI Events is your ideal partner to combine technology and emotional experience