A look behind the scenes!

May 2019 was a very exciting and busy month for J&TI Events!

From a week long culinary arts tour in Puglia, to a multiday biking excursion in Milan and an all-inclusive, back to back incentive on the shores of the Amalfi coast, we had our hands full with sharing the rich and invigorating culture that Italy has to offer. We were happy to have staff from both of our offices in Rome and Milan join our clients while touring, making sure that every detail of their time in Italy was seamless. For these events, we were also excited to be working with returning clients from the Netherlands and Belgium, offering the same organization, excellence and enjoyment as before.

In the upcoming months, J&TI has many exciting events planned that will take place all around Europe. Currently, we are taking on a new project that includes a trip to Munich, Germany in celebration of Oktoberfest. We also began a new partnership by boat, and are excited to start offering our clients more options for their events on both land and sea.

This month has been energizing, fun, and an absolute pleasure to embark on with our clients. We can’t wait for what the rest of the summer and the following months have planned together!