Fall 2020: Welcome new interns!

Following a prolonged COVID lockdown, we are overjoyed to welcome interns back into the office this Fall. Interns serve a vital role to the JTI team and offices, providing support with content, operations and office management. Below our four new interns, Cato Everhardt, Samantha Sweeney, Megan van der Meijden and Kim De Kok share a quick introduction of their role and ambitions at JTI this season:


Cato Everhardt is the Marketing and Sales intern at JTI Events Milano for this Fall. She is from the Netherlands and studies International Tourism Management at Breda University of Applied Sciences. She loves to travel and discover new cultures, particularly Italy, a country she is excited to learn more about.

“Ciao, I am looking forward to gaining more experience in the tourism industry, especially in these times. Things are changing and I am excited to be right in the middle of these developments. Doing my internship at this company will be a great opportunity to experience these things first hand. I love to take pictures on my analogue camera, it makes me see the world through a whole new perspective.” – Cato Everhardt


Samantha Sweeney, the new Media Coordinator intern, is originally from San Francisco, California. She currently studies Art History and Communications at the American University of Rome, and is very excited to apply the skills she has learned in university to this internship opportunity. She is looking forward to working with a company that encourages new ideas and interns’ creativity.

“Ciao! All the new interns have been received so warmly by the JTI Rome office, I am thankful to join the team. I am fascinated by the intersection of Communications and Art, particularly regarding the promotion of the art industry via modern media. I am looking forward to gaining experience across all media platforms with JTI-Events. In my free time I enjoy reading, hiking and visiting Rome’s incredible museums.” -Samantha Sweeney



Megan van der Meijden is one of the new Operations and Booking interns in the JTI Rome office. She studies International Tourism Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences, and is looking forward to gaining more experience in the industry. She is also excited to live in and explore the city of Rome.

“Hi my name is Megan and I am from ‘s-Hertogenbosch in the Netherlands. I love hanging out with friends, go out to dinner and have Some drinks. I’m from Den Bosch where it is all about the “gezelligheid” – the fun and just the relaxedness of hanging out with your friends and doing something fun. I like the atmosphere here [in Rome] and am interested to see how the next few months are going to go.” Megan van der Meijden



Kim De Kok is an additional Operations and Booking intern in the JTI Rome office. She studies international tourism management at Breda University of Applied Sciences. She is excited to gain more experience working independently in a business.

“Ciao! I am an 18 year old student who enjoys every aspect of the student life. Meeting new people, going out with friends and dance and drink some cocktails. I live in a very small town called Sprang-Capelle where there are not many exciting things to do. This is why I love traveling and exploring new places and cultures. At this internship at this beautiful location, I would like to learn more about working at a dmc/travel agency and communicating with other businesses.” -Kim De Kok

Thank you interns for joining us, and good luck!

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