Formula 1 Luxury Experience

Formula 1 drivers are not just drivers, they are real athletes who are willing to expose their entire body to extreme high limits for their and our passion. The drivers have very strict diets and training schedules so that if a crash might occur, they would have higher chances of survival. However, the trainings and diets are not only there to increase the chances of survival, but also to help them get through every single race both mentally and physically. So how do formula 1 drivers prepare themselves for a race and why do we think that this makes them such extraordinary athletes?

First, they risk their lives every single time they race. The maximum speed ever reached by a formula 1 driver was 372,5 km per hour by Valtteri Bottas. Just imagine the G-force that comes with that speed! Of course, they are wearing a harness that will protect their ribs but the internal organs are not protected. The organs of an untrained normal human being would be slammed against the rib cage and this would kill them instantly.

Secondly, because of the speed the G force and the duration of the race, specific body parts should be focused on more than others. The focus points are on the neck, heart, core, arms and legs. For instance, the helmet of the drivers weighs 7 kg, but due to the G force, this will become 35 kg, so the drivers have to keep this up straight and focus at the same time during the whole race! Well, are you curious how they train for this? Or, do you want to know more about the training for other body parts? Well, now you can! Find out more with J&TI Events!

What do we do?

We offer VIP Packages for the Grand Prix! These are luxurious and well-designed packages with special privileges, which will make your F1 experience even better! Are you interested in this offer? Do not hesitate and contact us via or just call us, because who could do better than the J&TI Experience Factory?

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