MUNICH: Welcome to Bavaria! Munich is a cosmopolitan city with a lot to offer; art, culture and a welcoming atmosphere. The neighbourhoods are varied and thematic. But thinking about Munich, Germany, what is the first thing that comes to mind? The city of beers! Munich is the capital of Bavaria, the beer region in the heart of Europe, come and enjoys a sip!

BERLIN: Berlin has a lot of beauty and history to offer! There is a lot of special architecture and secrets to discover during the city tours. In Berlin you will enjoy the beautiful surroundings, the cosy atmosphere and the friendly people! In addition, do not forget to enjoy the amazing sights of the city!

FRANKFURT: During your trip to Germany, be sure to not miss Frankfurt! Once arrived you will immediately notice the Celtic and Germanic style because of the old historic influence of the 1st century. Nowadays, the city of Frankfurt offers the chance to explore the past but also the contemporary part of the city.

HAMBURG: Hamburg is the largest German city after the capital Berlin. The location of the city is one of the reasons why this city it’s so important. In fact Hamburg represents one of the most important European harbour areas. Further, the city is an agglomerate of different cultures and nationalities by offering the chance to explore the past and history of the city!