This year we are excited to work with Costa Crociere with a new Shipboard Incentive and Meeting program. Introducing the Incentives and Congresses abroad cruise ships gives our clients the flexibility to work on board, while enjoy the various vacation stops on land. It is a very fascinating approach with unique advantages and opportunities compared to other kinds of events.

On board, all the facilities and services for leisure, entertainment, shopping, accommodation facilities, and the convention centre itself, are at your disposal. Cruise ships give you access to visit international destinations during the itinerary, varying and making your incentive program richer and more stimulating. Due to being on a cruise ship, the logistics of travel is facilitated as there is no need for transfers, and it is possible to organize events, meetings, product launches while on board. Incentives for 3-4-5 nights, also in combination with a night hotel in one of the destination of your choice in the Mediterranean area is also an option, as the plan are very flexible towards the client. Another advantage for the incentive cruise is no matter how large or small size of the group, J&TI Events are able to organize and customize programs, and scheduling of itineraries to fit exactly the needs of the clients.

During this past month, we were able to have an on-site inspection with a future client in 2020, and an open-day event on the costa cruise ships to discover all of these things that we can offer. We are very excited to be working together in the coming years with these services for our clients! For more information about how you can host your next event on a cruise, please email