Team Building

Creative Activities

These activities ask for a different mindset and you will have to work with your team to create something new. For example: making a movie, learning how to play a Djembe drum, painting or photographing the missing parts of the cities.

Adventure Activities

Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Good! Because with these adventurous team building activities you’re going to. Sailing, survival, and power hunting are just some of the many activities we can organize for you. Just have your pick!

Social Responsibility Activities

Why don’t you add a deeper meaning to your incentive? Show your staff that social responsibility is an excellent way to achieve something. Not only you help out an unknown third party, but you also strengthen ties within your own team. Because it feels good to give.

We create and customize your team building programmes according to your brand, target, budget and further wishes. Our professional coaches, trainers or mediators with years of international experience will provide you with all the necessary tools and resources to succesfully overcome the challenges posed by stress management, lack of communication and cultural differences. 

Why choose J&TI Events?

J&TI Events is finds the activity based on your interest
J&TI Events encourages activities that will benefit everyone
J&TI Events educates the importance of team building