Adventure Activities

Not afraid to get your hands dirty? Good, because with these adventurous team building activities you’re going to. Sailing, survival, hiking, and power hunting are just some of the many activities we can organize for you. Just have your pick!

  • Outdoor

    Go outdoor, go fishing with the local Italian pescatori! Get aboard a sailor ship and sail off! Spend a day on the beach or go on a Jeep safari. Everything is possible with J&TI events!

  • Mafia!

    Engage in an adventurous crime scene game inspired by The Godfather. Work together with your team to collect all the evidence, clues and other suspicious hints to be able to identify the traitor inside the famiglia. Which team is going to be the first to solve the mystery of the bosses murder? Or do the mafia game! For the last couple of months, an evil Mafia boss has been acting against all the mob rules and shows no respect and mercy for his enemies. Ensure he won’t become the most powerful boss of the city!

  • GEO Catching

    GEO caching is the new hype! Join this outdoor team building activity and use your GPS receiver to find hidden treasures.

  • Flash Mob

    A flash mob: an unannounced dance performed in a public place, surprising passers-by! What better team building activity or publicity stunt for your company? A flash mob in the center of Rome will make your employees work closely together and collaborate while having fun!