Creative Activities

These activities ask for a different mindset. From making a movie, learning how to play a new instrument, painting or photographing the missing parts of your city, the possibilities to get in touch with your creative side are endless!

  • Movie Making

    Become a famous actor or actress for a day! Work on your own version of a typical movie scene. Go around the city and shoot the scene of your movie armed with a script, a camera, and a map of the city. Enjoy!

  • City by Lens

    Are you ready to discover your destination through the lens of your camera? Spot the details of the attractions depicted on the pictures your team has been provided with. Make sure to be the most original team!

  • Gastronomic Experience

    Delve into the Italian culture by making and tasting its gastronomic delights! Discover the Italian cucina under the lead of a chef during this pizza clinic! Combine it with a tasting of several Italian formaggi or vini! Buon appetito!

  • Music

    Break the ice in an informal and creative way with the help of music. Try out a different team-building activity through music. Take your instrument and keep up the rhythm together. Because who doesn’t like music, right?

  • Artistic Capabilities

    Art is a wonderful way to communicate and strengthen relations within a group. Bring out your creative inner self with street art, collective painting or lettering. Create a masterpiece together.

  • New Generation Treasure Hunt

    Do you want to try out your favorite child game but with a technological twist? Turn on your iPad and start the search for the treasure in the modern game: New Generation Treasure Hunt. Become competitive and get the highest score!