Social Responsibility Activities

Why don’t you add a deeper meaning to your incentive? Show your staff that social responsibility is an excellent way to achieve something. Not only do you help out the surrounding community, but you also strengthen ties within your own team.

  • Sailing school

    Join the children at a sailing school in Naples for this creative team building activity! Create a hand-made sail for their boats and see them sail away with their own creations.

  • Orphanage

    Provide your valuable contribution to children who will be looking forward to meeting you and offer them your best smile. Help them build a cozier place: this will be the best reward you can wish for.

  • Care farm

    Do you like to work on a farm? Spend the day on a green farm and help however you can. Take care of the animals, prepare a delicious meal,s and enjoy the day in a green environment.

  • Caritas

    Add a deeper meaning to your incentive. J&TI events offer projects with Caritas, one of the most important social organizations, present in Italy and always searching volunteers for its projects, whether it is handing out clothes or a delicious meal!

  • Retirement Home

    Spend a day with people in retirement homes and put a smile on their face. Work in the garden, paint the residence, play a game, or just make chit-chat with your new Italian grandparents.

  • Eco Race

    Think out of the box with this team building activity and work as a strong team. Create an environmentally friendly car and race against the other teams. Who will be the first one to finish?