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J&TI Events reaches Milan

Significant news for an agency based in Rome that has just inaugurated a Milanese office and focuses on making its mantra interculturalism and reconnecting people, places and cultures


From Rome to Milan via The Netherlands: in short, the trajectory of Tiziana Guerriero’s career. After 15 years working in the Mice sector, she has decided to breathe new life into her business by creating a new company, J&TI, headquartered in Rome.

When and why did you decide to open a branch in Milan as well?
«This city represents a challenge for us, but also an opportunity: that of working in a complex, stimulating and multi-faceted reality such as that in Milan. I moved there in September and, as a first step, I will participate in a co-working project in Portello (near the futuristic Citylife skyscrapers, ed. note), an inspiring and creative place for professionals and companies».

So how is the agency structured and which market do you specifically address?
«The headquarters will stay in Rome where the team, consisting mostly of people of Italian and Dutch origin, will continue to companies in various product sectors, which we offer to our customers on every occasion. This is followed by our flexibility and the customisation of each event, designed down to the last details and in line with budgets. Our customers greatly appreciate our transparency, speed of communication and accuracy; indeed, so much so that sometimes after we deliver the planning documents, we don’t receive any further questions! Another important aspect is the offer in several languages: in addition to Italian, we offer Dutch and English».

The most recent events organised?
«Of our more recent events, I would like to mention the Assicurazione Bene convention held in Tuscany, which involved about 500 people including employees, executives and family members: we managed reservations for the event’s resort and for another 10 external accommodations, as well as professional and recreational activities, spaces for the meetings and even the baby club for the little ones. Another I’d like to mention is the highly successful incentive we organised in Bilbao for 95 Dutch entrepreneurs from the Cubus Nederland Association, with a gala dinner and party held inside the prestigious Guggenheim museum. Lastly, I fondly remember a five-day tour from Corsica to Tuscany for a Dutch work with renewed strength thanks to the arrival of new colleagues. Our core business is in the Northern European and Middle Eastern markets, but this year we have begun to turn to Italian customers, especially banks and insurance companies».

What are your strengths?
«I must firstly mention our know-how, acquired through years of experience with group of Ferrari enthusiasts!».

Upcoming projects?
«We are planning a back-to-back event in Sorrento in May and June for no fewer than four groups of about 80 managers from Total Erg. This is a large project where creativity, flexibility, efficiency and problem solving, which are also our four cornerstones, will play leading roles».


Writer: Antonella Andretta

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