New faces at J&TI Events & discover Bergamo

A new year, a new office and new interns!

This year we time we have not 2 interns, but 3! 2 are in Rome and 1 of them is in our new office in Milan.
We would like you to meet Amy, Lisa & Laura.



As a student International Business student at Zuyd University, I am keen to start my internship. Last year, I gained cultural experience in my semester abroad in Mexico and I am looking forward to my time in Rome. – Amy Gootzen

As a student International Tourism Management at the Breda University of Applied Sciences I am very excited to start my internship at J&TI Events. After having learnt a lot from my exchange in the United States I am looking forward to this new challenge and all the things I will be learning during this unique opportunity. – Lisa Allewijn

My name is Laura, I study Management Tourism at Breda University of Applied Sciences. I am happy and excited to start my internship at J&TI Events in the beautiful city Milano. I already have some experience working in Tourism because of my job at a travel agency – Laura van den Heuvel

The new office:
We recently started in our new office in Milan! Because we are an experience factory we work in a co-working, inspiring and creative place for professionals and companies. Not only will we discover Milan, we will also explore the cities around it.

Laura started this weekend with exploring Bergamo. She will tell you her personal experience of her visit!

Bergamo is by train approximately 45 minutes away from Milan, so perfect to visit for a day! When you get out of the train station you will immediately see the high part of the city.  Once you are up  you see the typical narrow Italian streets, I am in love with these kinds of streets, it lets you realize again that you are in Italy. The highest point of the city is La Torre Civica, also known as Campanone. I absolutely recommend you to go up, you’ll have a great view over the city that I found truly amazing. It made me wanted to stay there for hours! In the tower you will also find the largest bells in Lombardy. I stood right under the bells when I became 12.00, so I can tell you that they are very loud! Be prepared for that! When you are a fan of beautiful basilica’s you are in Bergamo at the right place. First there is Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore. I found this gorgeous from the inside and outside. Next to Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore is the Bergamo Cathedral. The inside is fully gold and white, and it looks amazing, WAUW! I made a lot of beautiful pictures but to see the real beauty you must see it for yourself.



Italy has so much great and beautiful places to offer, Bergamo is absolutely one of them and it stole my heart!

Greetings from sunny Milano,

Laura van den Heuvel

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