October is known as the harvest month for wine throughout the Mediterranean areas. With different kinds of grapes depending on the country, this is an exciting and invigorating time for both connoisseurs and the new lovers of wine. Here are some of our favorite events coming up this month:

52nd Festa del Vino DOC – Montescudaio, Italy

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Located in the Tuscan region in Italy, this year the city of Montescudaio will celebrate their 52nd Festa del Vino on the 5th and 6th of October. The two day program includes wine tastings and education of the Consorzio Vino DOC, street food, typical food of the region, an assortment of musical performances from various genres, and a fireworks show at the end of the celebration. Montescudaio, a tiny and picturesque city located within the hills of Tuscany makes this a picture place to start off your wine tour throughout Europe!

Cavatast – Sant Sadurini d’Anoia, Spain 

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From the 5th of October until the 7th, the city of Sant Sadurini d’Anoia in Spain welcomes all to celebrate one of the cities proudest products: Cava! A sparkling Catalan wine made in a similar way from champagne, yet with a Spanish twist, is the main attraction for the celebration. The open-air festival is spread all around the center of the town, bringing together Cava producers, the hospitality sector and lovers of good food and wine from all over Spain and the world.

Jestival Food & Art Festival – Kobarid, Slovenia 

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This one day festival on October 5th, is the chance to explore the local Slovenian cuisine, wine, beer, and so much more. The small city of Kobarid sits along the Soča river, which is nestled between the beautiful mountainous regions of Slovenia, and the beautiful turquoise river. This area of the country runs along side the Slovenian/Italian border, making it one of the most popular tourist attractions in the country. Local dishes and drinks are offered throughout the entire day, while workshops to learn how to make and perfect the craft are held in between. It’s an all age, perfect day in one of the most beautiful areas of Slovenia.

Cellier Wine Fair 2019 – Athens, Greece 

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This year, the Cellier Wine Fair will continue with its 14th fair on October 13th in the city of Athens. Hosted at Athens Hilton, the fair will host some of the top wine and spirits producers from both Greek and foreign producers in one of the oldest cities in the world. From wine masterclasses, prizes, to unique vegan and biodynamic wines, to household names many already know and love, to premium producers from all over the world, this is an opportunity to see all of the most famous wines, all in one place!

Chablis Wine Festival – Chablis, France

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This year from the 26th – 28th of October, the Chablis Wine Festival will be celebrating 71 years since its first festival in 1949. La Fete des Vins is an important event for the city of Chablis that is held every year during the last weekend of October. Brining together thousands of visitors, wine lovers, professionals, connoisseurs and newcomers to the world of Wine. Offering unique opportunities such as vintage wine tastings, the beautiful wine growing region and routine of Chablis appellations, and much more to offer a unique French wine experience.

At J&TI we organize culinary trips and food experiences in ways that show the cultural aspect to cuisine. Europe is very widely known for their premium wine, and every country offers a different kind of grape, process, and taste to explore! What better way to get to know the area you are exploring than through the art of wine making and tasting? Let us organize your next wine experience wherever you travel!


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