Safe Working Solutions with J&TI

J&TI events has compiled a variety of smart working solutions for continuing your business safely in a mid-pandemic economy. From online streaming to regulated live events, J&TI is dedicated to providing you with the most creative and efficient solutions to the MICE Industry.


Virtual events serve as a precautionary alternative to live meetings, while also retaining the initiative of collaborative work experiences. Forfeit the expenses of sustaining health mandated distance measures, and opt for cutting edge smart working technology. We offer different types of gear and software, from basic virtual platforms to fully customized ones. Fixed cameras, the rental of a complete studio with mobile cameras, and digital conference spaces are but a few variations we can arrange for you.


Add more experience to your online event, and combine the above online setup with an offline experience. For staff parties or customer events, we can stream performances, and provide wine tasting or premier catering to your viewers’ doorstep. There are also countless team building options. We deliver the material to your colleagues at home so that you can collaborate hands on, while still safely apart. We tailor these formulas just like our other events to keep your environment as versatile and functional as possible.


J&TI events is promoting an innovative “Keep Your Distance” device bracelet that helps monitor users’ adherence to the recommended social distance measures. We offer this personal protective equipment (PPE) as a creative way future events and congresses can be fulfilled in safety during the global pandemic. The 100% Italian software offers a “Company Team” function, associating with other bracelets as to avoid vibration between work colleagues. The technology simplifies the pressure of large event planning, offering simple and low-cost protection that helps people get back together in safety.

J&TI will continue to connect you and your company to the most efficient solutions that will keep your employees and offices protected. Contact us for more information!

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