Italian Food Experience

Go on a culinary tasting, learn how to make pasta or pizza in one of our workshops or visit a factory or a farm. Experience the delights Italy has to offer!

  • Cooking Class

    Italy is the country of delicious food and delicates! And what is more fun than to learn and do this all by yourself? J&TI Events offers various different cooking classes to become a Italian chef yourself.

  • Show Cooking

    The chef will amaze you by preparing his or her specialties live. Enjoy the spectacle of the chef cooking the delicious dish while explaining which ingredients, techniques and products are used. After the show, you can savor the special dish with selected Italian wine for the ultimate taste-experience.

  • Tasting Tour

    Discover a new destination with a tasting tour! You will see the highlights of the city together with tasting the most delicious delicates of that city.

  • Wine Tours and Tasting

    Italy has millions of hectares dedicated to vineyards and the quality of the wines are outstanding. The prosecco of Piemonte even belongs to the human natural heritage! Experience the local area, culture and traditions during the wine tours and tastings that J&TI-events offers.

  • Cocktail workshop

    Enjoy a delicious cocktail in an amazing Italian bar! Divided in groups you will be challenged to invent your own cocktail! During the cocktail workshop you can enjoy delicious antipasti italiani as an aperitivo. A fun and surprising way to begin your evening!

  • Italian Food Markets

    Food markets are the heart of each and every Italian city, and now a new generation is growing. It embraces the old culture and traditions. Let the food experience glow in a fashionable, stylish and international way!