Throughout today’s socially conscious environment, employees and clients have become very aware of the corporations and organizations that prioritize corporate social responsibility (CSR). CSR is defined as, “a self-regulating business model that a company can be socially accountable to itself, its stakeholders, and to the public,” (Business News Daily). This term can also be known as corporate citizenship.

The goal of both corporate citizenship and CSR is to produce higher standards of living and quality of life surrounding them, and still maintain profitability for the stakeholder. This kind of relationship is important for company’s to maintain because it creates a strong foundation and positive lasting relationships with various communities and environments. Many ways of achieving this kind of success can include: reducing carbon footprint to migrate climate change, engaging in charitable giving and volunteer efforts, and having good relations with local business owners.

At J&TI Events we recognize the importance of our presence in a place. We work hard to help sustain and educate our clients on the importance of social responsibility and citizenship in each place we travel. In the past, we have worked hard to maintain these relations by encouraging the use of local vendors and businesses we aim to sustain the local economy. For incentives and team-building activities, we enjoy incorporating environmental and charitable activities that build positive relations between the community, our clients and our company. For promoting and achieving environmental efforts, we consider the effects both in the office and on site events with our clients that keep the best interest and an eco-friendly atmosphere for the earth.
With J&TI, these efforts and relationships are constantly at the forefront of our mind. Some of the most important aspects of the both the tourism industry as a whole and with our company is the positive relations and environments that we have the opportunity to forge through communication and involvement with one another.

Thanks to our networking and experience in the past we have hosted team-building events at retirement homes, sailing schools or social farms. Spending a day socializing and organizing events for the elderly in retirement homes, or working with children facing adversity in famous sailing school creates a unique experience for your team, and the locals of the community. Not to mention, spending a day on a farm or in a family home with children facing adversity to help with simple, yet needed tasks such as repairing a fence, roof, or garden. All of these experiences have left our clients and new friends with smiles on their faces. One of the many reasons that J&TI values corporate social responsibility in every place we go.


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