Time for an update!

Here I am again, this time I will tell you about are days at J&TI Events and give you an update about what we are doing. As I wrote last time, we are new in Milan. That means we need to get to know the city and discover the best places for you!

New discoversies 

Last week I visited a dinner show restaurant! We can hire the place for you, and you can decide what type of act you would like to see during your dinner. There is also an opportunity to have a cooking workshop, a cocktail workshop, a murder dinner and there is an escape room! This means plenty of entertainment!

I also went to an event at Spazio Cairoli. A classy event location in Milan. I listened to the company presentation while enjoying good food and good wine.

Besides locations, we are also interested in new activities. We offer now a new type of food tour. This tour will bring history back to life with stories, images, smells and tasting experiences of local delicacies. During the visits the owners of the places will tell you more about the history of the local products and about Kilometer Zero. I visited a few of the places and they are really nice!

New request

Of course, we do more that discover Milan. We received a big request from a German company for a trip to Milan! We are making a unique tailor-made program together with the colleagues in Rome for the client, so they have the best experience in the city.


Sunny greetings from Milan,

Laura van den Heuvel

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