Carne Y Arena in Milan from June 7th : a real “MUST” experience!

Since the EXPO was announced Milan improved its (already worthy) architecture and city attractions, that added up to the usual calendar of fairs, business events and international “must” SOCIAL EVENTS.

Now there’s one more can’t miss event that will take place in Milan and which is definitely worth visiting.
This is neither a fashion event (even if it’s being sponsored by the Prada Foundation), nor a social event (even if it’s state of art communication technologies are involved), nor a star-system event (even if it’s made by such a world-wide star like multi-Academy award winning director Alejandro González Iñárritu), but it’s a deep fall into our century worst page that will take the viewer into a breath-taking experience, more intense than reality, more stunning than a punch in their face, making them feel different from when they first got in. Trying to make people stay away from the social noise of haters, screamers, trolls, youtubers  etc. There is only room to think and understand the ugly reality, the one you can touch, not TV Shows.

But what is exactly going to happen?

From 2017 June  7th  to 2018 January 15th “Carne y arena” (literally: flesh&sand), the latest installation by Alejandro González Iñárritu, will be set up on Piazza Duomo, Milan (the  home place of aperitivi and fashion lifestyle). This time the director jumped out from behind the camera, his usual position, and literally rebuilt a piece of the Mexico/US border (part of the metal wall is actually made from a real piece of the border’s wall, the shoes in the room are from migrants actually dead in the desert etc.), and the visitors will experience with virtual reality glasses what trying to pass that border actually means.

So that won’t be “just a movie”, it will be a real, dramatic experience, which is connected to nowadays news and is profoundly rooted in the Italian present lifetime.

Iñárritu visited Sicily a few years ago and could witness the experience of migrants arriving from the sea: exhausted people and rotten boats, full of human remains, and that touched him deep inside. Being a migrant himself (even if a “business class” one), he immediately established a connection between the Mediterranean and the Mexican desert. Once the virtual reality expanded its potential, he felt he was ready to share those feelings with the audience so as to make everybody feel exactly the real action, instead of just witnessing it.

We’re waiting for this important and unique installation to leave the Croisette (where it’s being shown in preview for the Film Festival) and be hosted in Milan. This will be the first virtual reality installation made by an Oscar winning director dealing with one of the most crucial topics of the century.

Can’t miss it.