On September 27th 2019 the world will come together to celebrate World Tourism Day. The purpose of the day is to raise awareness on the role of tourism within the international community and to demonstrate how it affects social, cultural, political and economic values worldwide. Each year, the World Tourism Organizations (UNTWO) selects a base location and theme to celebrate. This year it will be celebrated in New Delhi, India and the theme is Tourism and Jobs: a better future for all.

Tourism is one of the leading sources of employment, but can be seen in different parts of the world as undervalued. Despite the industry generating 10% of world jobs, new policies are needed to maximize the tourism industry and its employees potential, safety, and value. Creating new potential for women and youth to grow is another important aspect to this year’s theme around World Tourism Day. Better working conditions, equal pay gaps, and empowering every aspect of the tourism industry from beginning to end.

This year at J&TI, we have decided to start the celebration a little earlier. We stand with and proudly support the theme of tourism and jobs that the World Tourism Organization is proclaiming over World Tourism Day. We strive to see this kind of positive growth and change within the Italian and Mediterranean tourism businesses here in Europe, and also across the globe. Through our own ethical stance within the tourism industry and with our clients, we work to make sure that every experiences and person, from beginning to end, is experiencing the same amount of equal treatment, responsibility and value.

It’s been an amazing few years at J&TI working with all of our suppliers, clients, and friends. From all of the staff here at J&TI Events, we want to wish you a happy World Tourism Day on September 27th! We are very thankful for your support and love throughout the years.


Source: UNTWO