DUBAI: Dubai is the gateway where East meets West – a place where people, languages, cultures and global commerce intermingle and thrive. A truly interconnected city, Dubai can be reached by two-thirds of the world’s population within eight hours. It is an exciting and inspiring destination that grants visitors access to unparalleled experiences and people with incredible knowledge. Constantly building on its world-class infrastructure, Dubai is home to two international airports, the largest port in the region, a state-of-the-art metro system and a vast array of hospitality and entertainment options.

ABU DHABI: A compact journey to the modern metropolis of Abu Dhabi, where the already legendary Louvre museum recently opened. In the collection you will travel through the time of art. However, the museum is not only about the content, the architecture of the Arab Louvre is also worth a trip to Abu Dhabi. In addition, a visit to Dubai or a desert safari is possible. Be amazed by the Emirates!