Clicca qui per aggiungere il proprio testo

This Years IBTM World trade fair in Barcelona come to an end, throwing us back to reality once again after the stunning experience of having had the entire planet (literally: from the North Pole to New Zeland, from the US to Thailand) in one room, showing its best in terms of landscapes, technologies, accomodations, venues and in one word: Culture.

There where people mixing and matching each other, letting the MICE business network create a peaceful cooperation and cultural exchange; the one that everybody claims to wish for and nobody seems to know how to manage.


But alongside the poetic aspect, we were clearly all there for business,  and there certainly was a lot to check out and learn.

And that’s the point of these fairs, since even if the destination remains the same – Italy is still and will remain Italy – the core part of each trip is the people, and we’re managing their wishes, not the destinations.

So: what’s new?

Apart from the presentation of the marvellous site (still under construction) for ExpoDubai2020, a real cathedral in the desert , if you get what I mean,  and taken once again for granted the constant development of technology in our  business (Business cards are old-fashion when you  can scan each other’s Qr Code) there was something else, linking toghether all the stands and the business meetings: Joy.

A reinterpretated way to develop the concept of Joy in events, travels and all the segments of MICE sector – even the more business-oriented ones.

Even tought that not an official theme, it was an idea spreading around the IBTM.

As travelling is an experience, and working (like it or not) is what we do for most of our time, we need  to put some joy in it, to let any trip – not just fun incentives- become something worth to be remembered.

And if you’re wondering how we do that: just ask, after exploring the entire World in that big room we’re ready to answer any question!