Celebration of Kingsday in Rome

Kingsday event Dutch embassy Rome

April 27th is the birthday of the Dutch King, a good reason for a celebration in The Netherlands. We celebrated Kingsday on April 30. In this blog we’ll tell you all about it.

At April 30, we were one of the sponsors for the official Kingsday event of the Dutch embassy in Rome. A big event at the residence of the new Dutch ambassador: Joost Flamand.  

During this event we offered our guests the opportunity to make a polaroid picture on a Dutch bike with a basket full of Tulips and with Rome on the background. The polaroid picture was a gift, so they can still remember this amazing night.

We also brought a piece of The Netherlands to Rome by handing out delicious stroopwafels. Not only could they have one during the event, we also gave away packages to the guests, so they are able to enjoy them at home as well.

The event was a big success and we are proud that we were a part of it!

Find more of the pictures in our photo gallery!

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